About 999

a1143efe1d5667f2e62cafc0017420d3Hello, and welcome to 999.

In numerology,999 signifies the end of one thing and moving on to another, greater purpose. That is what I have recently done.

My name is Sandra Johnson.  I was working in a machine shop in my small hometown for over thirteen years when I decided to try and become my own boss. Working with machinery, I had an understanding of the basics of machines, so it was only natural that I stayed with what I already knew.  I had the opportunity to partner with a life long friend of mine to purchase a CNC machine and begin designing our own projects, so I took the leap of faith and went into business with him.

Business is going well for us so far.  A lot of my friends and family have no understanding of what we do in this business, though, so I decided to start this blog.  I plan to go over some of the basics of working with CNC machines and touch on other topics that have to do with it as well.

I hope you enjoy following along!