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CNC Micro Dilling: A Comprehensive Guide


So micro drilling has actually never been my strength. I have actually done a lot of drilling however never anything much smaller sized compared to 1/64th or so. Well close friends, if you were a part of that club then there is a whole other world of exploration that you have actually never experienced, and there are some rather remarkable things taking place. A few of the more recent studies I have done in regards to micro drilling has actually been very interesting. The task I am presently working with has been one of one of the most difficult in my career– all to drill openings somewhat larger compared to a human hair. We will certainly review a lot of the important things to watch out for as well as some standard specifications to start a few of your personal study projects.

Just like anything else in the machining globe, the numbers do not tell a lie. A number of the very same formulas can be used. However, there is MUCH less space for making a mistake. Every little thing from the size of your groove to the geometry on the pointer of your drill should be scrutinized, as well as with micro drilling there is no very easy answer for anything. Tooling makers will be your best resource for specifications to begin with, considering that they are the experts for their own devices. I am not a device salesperson, so I am not going to advertise one brand over the various other. That, buddies, has to be part of your study.
But you can contact me personally to get advice on it.

Micro drills are offered by numerous tooling firms. In your research you will certainly see that a lot of the companies have extremely certain information on the geometry they utilize for their cutters as well as the coatings and also every other item you can picture. Some of it may seem like a bunch of hot air, which it might be, but a few are extremely important. The tools used on these machines need to be accuracy ground and also extremely sharp. There are many different opinions on the products for tooling , as holds true with many of the aspects of micro drilling, — high-speed steel or carbide. High-speed steel offers a lot more adaptability, while carbide offers longer sustainability of the cutting side and far better rigidity. Carbide is brittle and will break when it’s plain– high-speed steel is more flexible and also lower price. It all boils down to the work surface material. This is an additional situation where I hand it off to real professionals– the ones who make the devices.

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