About Me

Hello Machining Enthusiasts,

My name is Jen Lorne and I build machines that make the world keep turning. I fell in love with CNC Machines when I realized the power that laid at my fingertips. The ability to utilize mathematics and materials to build anything I could imagine was gripping. It empowered me to think critically about how I could affect the world for the better. From manufacturing heart monitors and medical emergency devices to artisanal crafts, machining gives me unparalleled access to helping others. After completing my masters in engineering and minor in socialism, I invested in a CNC Machine with a fellow graduate.

In the last eight years we’ve worked with local businesses and global powerhouses. Take Spectacular Heroes for example, they are a small team based out of Michigan that creates educational toys for children with special needs. We’ve worked with them from the beginning, testing out designs and crafting the perfect educational tools. Our guiding philosophy is that there’s no better way to get something done than just doing it. That’s where the concept behind this blog actually originated. I was talking with a project coordinator who was confused about how our machines work. They’re so powerful and instrumental to modern tech that it blew my mind how foreign the concepts seemed to her. So, I wrote out a quick guide on everything CNC. I’ve decided to take those core ideas and give them back to anyone looking into joining the machining industry.

I’ve talked with people all over about CNC machining and realized how opaque the concepts are to the general public. This blog will hopefully serve as a tool of empowerment. A way to get people thinking about the amazing opportunities waiting to be captured. Leading to innovations like those of Spectacular Heroes.

Keep checking back for new blogs and jump over to the contact page if you have any questions or new projects you’re hoping to get started on. Always happy to help and provide what insight I can.


Jen Lorne